HHG Private Accommodation Food Packages - Hakuba Hospitality Group



  • THE HAPPOでの朝食 ¥3,000/人
  • バーベキュー ¥6,600/人
  • ケータリング ¥11,000/人


Private Catering

Hakuba Hospitality Group is excited to offer private catering through Mimi’s Catering Services. As a part of this offer, guests can opt to have the culinary staff of Mimi’s prepare dinner and bring it to their accommodation. This is subject to availability, and an inquiry must be made in advance.




Hakuba Hospitality Group is proud to offer guests the option to enjoy a premium barbecue in the comfort of their accommodation. Guests can choose to rent the grill and acquire their own food, or opt to have a locally sourced barbecue grill box included with their grill rental.

Equipment provided includes:

  • a Weber Gas Grill, table, chairs, tent
  • Eating utensils, grill tools, and cleaning supplies
  • Insect repellent and lanterns

Food included:

  • Professionally catered local produce, marinated meat and fish


Tori Co.

Tori Co. is a modern izakaya focusing on yakitori, Japanese-style skewered chicken. This family-friendly, slope-side eatery offers exceptional service paired with top-notch food and beverages, all within a lively and laid-back atmosphere. Guests staying at The HAPPO or any HHG Chalet can utilize our complimentary shuttle service to and from dinner.


Immerse yourself in the authentic Italian lifestyle, where our chefs craft pasta made in-house and prepare prime cuts of locally sourced meat to perfection. Dinner is available Thursday through Monday, promising an unforgettable dining experience.


Breakfast is served daily at THE HAPPO, allowing guests to indulge in a morning of culinary delights with fresh pastries, perfectly poached eggs, expertly brewed barista-style coffee, and more.