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The Perfect Day at Iwatake

Iwatake Resort reigns supreme as the top attraction in The Hakuba Valley during the Green Season. With thoughtful investment in an array of captivating activities, the resort now boasts higher lift ticket sales in the summer than in the winter. For anyone venturing into The Hakuba Valley, a visit to Iwatake is an absolute must.

1. Hakuba EX Adventure

EX Adventure Park is located at the base of Iwatake and is among the most exciting summer attractions featuring an 8 meter high obstacle course in the Iwatake Forest. The course involves zip lines, climbing, and various obstacle courses fun for the whole family.

Adult: ¥5,600

Children: ¥4,600

Family Plan A: ¥18,000 (2A,2C)

Family Plan B: ¥14,800 (2A,1C)


2. Down Hill Mountain Biking

Built in 2015, Iwatake MTB Park is one of Japan’s largest mountain bike parks with courses for every ability level. The Alpine Down Hill Course is the longest at 6.9km and it offers incredible views of the Northern Alps. A full list of courses and information on prices and rental gear can be found here.

Bikes and other gear can be rented at the base of the mountain from Spicy Rentals.


3. The City Bakery at Mountain Harbor

The popular New York City coffee shop, The City Bakery, combines stunning views of the entire Hakuba valley with delicious coffee and baked goods. Enjoy freshly baked goods and sandwiches at the top of Iwatake resort, while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

4. Soup Stock

Soup Stock is a popular healthy fast food chain with over 60 locations throughout Japan. The mountain eatery serves healthy soups, curries, salads, and rice porridges all at an affordable price (approximately ¥1,000 per person). Soup Stock is located on top of Iwatake in the Sky Ark dining center.

5. Swing into the Mountains

The most popular attraction on Iwatake may be the mountain swings of which there are two: Yooho-Swing  and the Giant Swing. Both mountain swings make give the feeling of flying off into the mountain paradise.

6. Mountain Carts

The Mountain Carts are among the most exciting activities on the mountain. The carts feature a low center of gravity, a wide wheel base and a dual breaking system making them safe for children and adults alike. The course runs 1.4km and takes approximately 15 mins to finish, offering spectacular views of the Japan Alps along the way.


7. Horseback Riding

Experience horseback riding and trekking amidst the stunning backdrop of the Japan Alps. Against this picturesque scenery, it’s perfect for capturing memorable photos! Feel the sway and height of the horse as you ride, and let the exhilarating sensation bring a smile to your face.

8. Petting Zoo

Engage with adorable mountain sheep who roam around the mountain with their keeper—a delightful experience for children and adults alike.