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5 Days for Non-Skiers

While Hakuba is renowned for its world-class skiing opportunities, there’s much more to this winter paradise than just hitting the slopes. From serene snowshoeing expeditions to cultural explorations and indulgent relaxation, Hakuba offers a plethora of activities for those who prefer to experience the magic of winter in alternative ways.

Day 1 – Onsen and Massage

Unwind in Hakuba with a visit to an onsen for a soothing soak in warm mineral-rich waters, followed by a relaxing massage to ease away tension and promote deep relaxation. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself and recharge amidst the winter beauty of Hakuba.


Day 2 – Snow Monkey Tour

Discover an unforgettable wildlife adventure in Hakuba by visiting the renowned snow monkeys. Head to the Jigokudani Monkey Park, where these playful creatures live amidst the snowy landscape. Watch as they soak in the hot springs and interact with each other, offering a unique and memorable experience in the heart of winter.

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Day 3 – Snowmobile Tour

Experience the thrill of snowmobiling in Hakuba, racing through snowy trails and forests with panoramic mountain views. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned rider, it’s an adrenaline-packed adventure offering excitement for all. Snowmobile tours provide a memorable experience as you explore Hakuba’s winter wonderland from a unique perspective.

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Day 4 – Matsumoto Day Trip

Embark on a day trip from Hakuba to Matsumoto and explore its cultural gems, including the iconic Matsumoto Castle, historic Nakamachi Street, and local culinary delights. Explore the local shops, sampling traditional crafts and delicacies, and take in the picturesque surroundings of the Northern Alps. With its blend of cultural charm and natural beauty, Matsumoto offers a perfect day of exploration from Hakuba.

Day 5 – Snowshoe Tour

Join a guided snowshoe tour in Hakuba for an unforgettable adventure through the winter scenery. Explore snowy trails and forests with experienced guides, discovering the natural beauty of the mountains. Suitable for all skill levels, snowshoeing offers a fun and accessible way to experience Hakuba’s winter landscape firsthand.

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