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Tour Coordination

With so much to do in Hakuba, organizing your activities can be challenging. Below are helpful links to find information, sign up for tours, and ask questions.

Snow Monkey Tours

Visit the world-famous Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, home to 200 wild monkeys who soak in natural hot springs. These unique monkeys, the only ones known to enjoy hot spring baths, have become an international sensation. Spend an afternoon observing them bathe, play, and eat in the beautiful Japanese wilderness.

Afterwards, explore Zenkoji Temple, a 7th-century Buddhist temple housing Japan’s first Buddha statue. Stroll through the historic grounds and admire the intricate wooden design.

The tour is ¥15,000 for adults (ages 12 and up) and ¥10,000 for children (ages 3-11), this includes:

  • Transportation to and from the Snow Monkey Park and Zenkoji Temple
  • Authentic Japanese bento box for lunch
  • Official tour guide throughout the day

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Hakuba Lion Adventure Snowmobile Tours

Speed through the foothills of the Japanese Alps on a guided snowmobile tour with Lion Adventure. The tour is held at the base of Hakuba 47 and the course runs along beautiful rivers and mountain forests.


  • 6 years or older to be a passenger, 13 years or older to operate your own snowmobile
  • Full snow apparel including snow pants, jacket, goggles, gloves and boots (items can be rented at time of booking)


  • Single Adult Ride (13+)  ¥22,000
  • Tandem Adult Ride ( Both 13+) ¥20,000
  • Tandem Kid (6-12) and Adult (13+) Ride ¥18,000
  • Private tours can be arranged for ¥50,000

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Hakuba Lion Adventure Snowshoe Tours

For a calmer outdoor activity, try Lion Adventure’s Snowshoe Tours. Starting at Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza, these tours traverse the surrounding woodlands, offering a great way to experience Hakuba’s snow-covered paradise.


  • Must be relatively healthy/able-bodied ages 6 and up
  • Children ages 6-12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Full winter clothing (items may be rented at the time of booking)


  • ¥20,000 for up to 2 people – additional adult ¥6,000, additional child ¥4,500
  • Includes snowshoes as well as snowshoe poles

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